03 February 2013

The Best Makan Place



hi and salam  my lovely readers !!! it's been a long time since the last i posted the last entry hihi.. it's already in February now ..ohhh time flies so fast ...i was just thinking, it just seems like the last month..daripada blog wani bersawang ,, better i post entry even though it's just old stories ..for the time being , i don't have any entry about my cooking because so far i don't have enough time to keep experimenting at the kitchen.. but  i  just want to share with  you my adventure to find the best "makan" place .. this is  where and why i've been "missing" for awhile,, i don't know how to start ... but thanks to my sister for the treat... i took poached salmon with chive sauce also added with blanched broccoli as you can see from the picture ..roasted chicken with the sauce ..the chicken was well marinated,it's very delicious and tender ...  i couldn't remember  what kind of sauce hi2.. and the last one we took meatball with special sauce too. yum... yum... .overall, for me i like both of these sauce ... for poached salmon it's quite bland for me .. opss kena ada criticism pulak ya .. biasala kalau kaitkan makanan ni ada juga kena kritik ... ok that's all for now ...i can't elaborate for a long post ... hope you all have a great weekends .. :)

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Amie said...

Lamanya tak datang sini... Wani sihat...

Wani said...

salam kak amie.. alhamdulillah wani sihat .. cuma kekangan masa tak mengizinkan wani nak jenguk blog sangat .. hu3..


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